Beni Madonna parfait & smoothie
Photo: Ginza Cozy Corner

These parfaits and smoothies at Ginza Cozy Corner are made with very special mikan

Available only in December, these desserts showcase the Beni Madonna variety of Japan’s favourite winter citrus

Tabea Greuner
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Tabea Greuner

If you’ve already tried McCafé by Barista’s Godiva chocolate frappe and eaten your way through Tokyo’s seasonal afternoon tea sets, then it’s time to try these new parfaits and smoothies based on mikan, Japan’s favourite winter citrus. The desserts, available for a limited time at Ginza Cozy Corner, aren’t made from any old mikan, though. They’re chock-full of Ehime prefecture’s special Beni Madonna variety of mikan, known for its rich aroma, sweet taste and soft jelly-like flesh.

The parfait (from ¥1,480) has layers of Beni Madonna sorbet and vanilla ice cream, topped with whipped cream and pieces of juicy mikan. The smoothie (from ¥1,000), on the other hand, is made from fresh Beni Madonna juice infused with crushed ice and milk-flavoured ice cream.

The desserts are available until the end of December at selected Ginza Cozy Corner cafés in and around Tokyo.

Here’s the full list of participating stores:

  • Beans Akabane
  • Ito Yokado Oimachi
  • Oji
  • Ginza Itchome
  • Shin-Koiwa
  • Seiyu Kiyose
  • Mitaka Coral
  • Livin Tanashi
  • Ebina (Kanagawa prefecture)
  • Kawasaki Azalea (Kanagawa prefecture)
  • Tsurumi Station East Exit (Kanagawa prefecture)
  • Soka (Saitama prefecture)

These limited-time treats are sure to be popular, so make sure to visit before they sell out.

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