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This cool Airbnb in Harajuku is inspired by origami art

Moshi Moshi Rooms

The creators of the sakura-themed holiday apartment in Harajuku has opened another design-focused accommodation – and it’s inspired by the Japanese art of paper folding. Called the ‘Moshi Moshi Rooms: Origami’, the apartment can sleep six people comfortably and is located in the same building.

The entire house features Japanese elements but updated through modern design aesthetics. In the living room, traditional umbrellas are reinterpreted as pendant lamp shades while a corner of the space is done up like a Japanese tea house, complete with a red bench and a tea set for you to whisk matcha. A feature wall, meanwhile, showcases a classic hemp leaf pattern, which is often used in family crest designs. 

Another room, separated from the living area by a noren curtain, exudes a more traditional look and feel with its tatami mat flooring. Behind the colourful sliding door that showcases the intricate woodwork technique of kumiko-zaiku is where you’ll find the first bedroom. There’s another split-level sleeping area, accessible by climbing up the kaidan-dansu, a chest of drawers that doubles as a staircase. The ceiling, however, is adorned with lanterns inspired by the design of a merchant’s house.

That’s not all. You can also expect a well-equipped kitchen, a modern bathroom with daily amenities including towels and toiletries, and a brightly lit make-up area.

To help you ace your Instagram game, the house will also supply you with haori (loose jackets usually worn over the kimono). So you can dress up appropriately to match the theme of the interior design.

What’s even better is that ‘Moshi Moshi Rooms: Origami’ has a lovely rooftop terrace. From here, you’ll have a good aerial view of the neighbourhood.

One thing to note: the building, which also houses the ‘Moshi Moshi Rooms: Sakura’ apartment, has no elevator. Nevertheless, you can always request for assistance with your luggage when checking in. Just mention that while making your reservation.

For more information, check Moshi Moshi Rooms' official website. For more cool places to stay, check our list of unique accommodations, ryokan and capsule hotels.


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