Restaurant Kamakura Village
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This magical igloo village in Nagano is actually a restaurant

Feast on a nabe hot pot inside your very own igloo at the pop-up Restaurant Kamakura Village in Iiyama

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Kaila Imada

In Japan, winter is more of an experience than a season. There’s always something exciting happening somewhere in the country, whether that be amazing illuminations, frozen icicle displays or a jaw-dropping ice hotel. If you prefer to base your trips around eating, you won’t want to miss out on Restaurant Kamakura Village, a magical restaurant made up of more than 20 pop-up igloos.

You’ll find the restaurant nestled in the snowy Japanese Alps in the small town of Iiyama in Nagano prefecture. The winter restaurant is set up annually, and is open for just over a month. This year, the restaurant is running until Sunday February 27 and reservations are still open.

Each igloo fits up to four people and you'll be treated to a hearty meal featuring the local delicacy noroshi nabe, a hot pot made with miso, pork and local veggies. You can choose to dine for lunch or dinner, or opt for a shorter snack plan where you can enjoy a warm cup of amazake or soup inside the cosy little igloos.

be sure to visit the igloo behind a small red torii gate – inside you’ll find a frosty Shinto shrine. The grounds around the restaurant are also great for sledding, or you could pop in for a visit during a ski trip to one of the surrounding snow resorts

Lunch at Kamakura Village costs ¥3,700 per person (¥2,400 for children), while dinner is ¥4,200 (¥2,800 for children) and includes noroshi nabe, onigiri rice balls and private use of an igloo. A snack plan is also available from 3pm to 4pm for ¥1,800 (¥1,200 for children) and includes private igloo use, a cup of amazake or soup, and a snow car experience. To book lunch or dinner visit here, and to book the snack plan, visit here.

You can get to Restaurant Kamakura Village in about two hours from Tokyo Station by taking the Hokuriku Shinkansen to Iiyama Station and then an express bus. For more information on the restaurant, visit the website.

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