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This takeout sushi comes with its very own sushi conveyor belt

Have the full sushi train experience at home with this Kappa Sushi set, available around Japan

Youka Nagase
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Youka Nagase

Tokyo may still be finding its feet with takeout options, but if you ask us, sushi is practically made for takeaway. Of course, you don’t get the same experience eating it at home, but popular sushi chain Kappa Sushi is aiming to bring the restaurant to you with its mini sushi conveyor belt.

Kappa Sushi conveyor belt
Photo: Kappa Sushi

From May this year, Kappa Sushi has started offering a plan where you can rent a mini sushi conveyor belt when you purchase a sushi platter worth ¥3,000 or more for takeout. The conveyor belt is 125cm long and 35cm wide, and can fit up to 15 sushi plates at a time – don’t worry, Kappa Sushi includes plates with the deal. Just plug it into an electrical outlet and you’ll have your own personal sushi train running in no time. 

To rent the conveyor belt, you’ll need to pay an additional ¥3,300, plus a ¥2,000 deposit fee, which you’ll get back when you return it by 9pm the following day.

We recommend transporting it back home by car or taxi so as to not damage the conveyor belt. It’s pretty compact and only weighs 9kg, so it can fit on public transportation, too.

This deal is only available at selected Kappa Sushi outlets nationwide. In Greater Tokyo, you'll need to order from the Itabashi, Nerima Nukui and Kawasaki Ichinotsubo shops. Outside Tokyo, you'll find the deal offered at Ikuno and Minamitsumori in Osaka, Shirakabe and Kakomachi in Nagoya and Yaga in Hiroshima.

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