The High Line NYC
Photo: Simon Bak/UnsplashThe High Line in New York City, built on an old elevated train track, has inspired cities worldwide to turn infrastructure into parks

Tokyo may be getting its own elevated park in Ginza, like New York's High Line

Known as Tokyo Sky Corridor, the future green space is planned to take over the 2km-long KK Expressway

Kaila Imada
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Kaila Imada

Tokyo has its fair share of parks and rooftop green spaces, but the city could always use a bit more nature, especially in densely packed neighbourhoods such as Ginza. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government now has plans to fill that gap by building the Tokyo Sky Corridor, an elevated green way in Ginza similar to New York’s High Line and the Promenade Plantée in Paris.

If the park comes to fruition, it would be situated along the 2km-long Tokyo Expressway, also known as the KK Expressway, which loops around Ginza. The project is still in the planning and consultation stage, so there isn’t a whole lot of information just yet, but the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has released drawings showing its location and artist’s renderings of what it might look like. 

Unfortunately, the park won’t be built until sometime in the 2030s, so don’t lace up your jogging shoes just yet. For one thing, the highway is still currently in use. The road, which runs over the Nihonbashi River, will first need to be replaced with a planned underground road before the elevated space can be turned into a park. The underground road is scheduled to open in 2035, so we still have a bit of a wait.

In the meantime, get your fill of nature with these stunning spring flowers blooming in and around Tokyo.

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