Arisugawa-no-miya Memorial Park
Photo: Emma SteenSnowfall in Arisugawa-no-miya Memorial Park in January 2022

Tokyo might get its first snowfall of 2023 on Tuesday January 24

The temperature is dropping and snow could arrive in the afternoon

Youka Nagase
Written by
Youka Nagase

Parts of Japan are bracing for the coldest week this season, with officials urging those who live near the Sea of Japan coast to prepare for heavy snow. And while it’s rare for Tokyo to get snow, the forecast says otherwise. We might just get our first official snowfall of 2023 on January 24.

Some areas within Tokyo have already experienced some very light snow with rain on the morning of January 23, including areas like Suginami ward. However, the Japan Meteorological Agency hasn't announced the city’s official first snowfall yet.

According to NHK, temperatures in Tokyo will plunge in the morning on January 24, with snow a possibility. But don’t expect too much it most likely won’t stay on the ground for too long.

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