Tokyo's public transport ranked one of the world's top 10 in 2022

The public transport system in Tokyo is praised for its frequent services and on-time departures

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Kaila Imada
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Ochanomizu Station Tokyo metro subway
Photo: Richie Chan/DreamstimeAn undated stock photo of Ochanomizu Station in Tokyo

Tokyo’s public transport system might be daunting at first, but once you’re maneuvering around the city, you’ll find it’s one of the most convenient and accessible networks in the world. To prove this point further, Tokyo has just been ranked as one of the world’s best public transport systems in this year’s Oliver Wyman Forum – Urban Mobility Readiness Index

Under the index’s public transit ranking, Tokyo comes in seventh place in 2022 behind Hong Kong (No 1), Zurich (No 2), Stockholm (No 3), Singapore (No 4), Helsinki (No 5) and Oslo (No 6). 

The annual index covers 60 cities across the globe with data drawn from discussions and conversations with leading professionals and experts. The public transit ranking is a new sub-index under the Urban Mobility Readiness Index, which is based on 13 key performance indicators such as the rail network, public transit affordability, transit commute speed and diversity of public transit modes. 

Tokyo's public transport system consists of a massive rail network, suburban trains, subways, buses, trams and monorails. Additionally, it connects to other rail networks around the country, including the high-speed shinkansen. The index praises Tokyo's public transport for its frequent services as well as on-time departures.

There's more to come in the future, too. Tokyo Metropolitan Government recently announced construction of a new subway line connecting Tokyo Station with the Tokyo Bay waterfront. In addition, a new line will be built to provide direct access between Haneda Airport and Tokyo Station.

Additionally, Tokyo ranks 15th overall for urban mobility readiness and 11th for sustainable mobility. According to the report, preventing climate change-related disasters is a key goal in Tokyo's sustainability plan. The city also has plans to upgrade its road system with better cycling and walking routes.

You can read the full report here

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