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Tokyo’s Shinagawa ward is planning to give its residents a ¥30,000 cash handout

The money is additional to the Japanese government stimulus handout and includes an extra ¥20,000 for kids, too

Tabea Greuner

If you’re one of the 406,000 registered residents of Tokyo’s Shinagawa ward, then we have excellent news for you: you’re eligible to receive an additional payment on top of the ¥100,000 cash handout from the Japanese government. 

Shinagawa ward has decided to support (Japanese only) each of its registered residents, including those from overseas, with a ¥30,000 cash handout. Children in junior high school and younger will receive an additional ¥20,000, making a total of ¥50,000 for the youngsters.

As Nikkei (Japanese only) reports, the initiative, tentatively named the ‘Shinagawa Vitality Support Payment’ (Shinagawa katsuryoku oen kyufukin), will cost over ¥13.5 billion and will be included in the supplementary budget plan of the fiscal year 2020, to be voted on by the ward assembly sometime in June.

If the budget is approved, the ward is expected to start accepting applications from Shinagawa residents between August and September. In order to prevent the further spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus, applications will only be accepted by mail. However, no date has yet been set for sending the application forms out to each household. We'll keep you updated as new information about the scheme is announced.

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