Super Potato

Tokyo’s vintage video game store Super Potato is now on eBay

You can now buy retro video games and classic consoles from Japan and have them shipped internationally

Emma Steen
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Emma Steen

Gamers never forget their first video game console. For some, it’s the grey cartridges of the original Game Boy that epitomise nostalgia, whereas for others, it’s the old Super Nintendo plugged into a square-shaped TV that evokes fond memories of childhood.

At video game megastore Super Potato, anyone looking to revisit the relics of their childhood can find everything from early editions of Super Mario Bros to rare Japan-only games you’ve probably never heard of. The chain has several locations around Japan, but its flagship store in Akihabara – Tokyo’s otaku central – is its most famous. 

The three-storey shop is a brilliant place to peruse retro electronics – it has such a vast collection that it feels almost like a museum. There are pristine old-school second-hand consoles alongside newer games and unopened collector’s items. But, with current travel restrictions, it’s impossible for international visitors to join in on the fun. 

Luckily, Super Potato has just established an eBay store catering specifically to overseas shoppers. The store doesn’t have Super Potato’s full catalogue of goods – in fact, listings are a little light right now – but keep an eye out and you might just find a lost gem you’ve been trying to get your hands on. 

Those residing in Japan don’t need to use the eBay shop as Super Potato already has an online store with domestic shipping. The Japanese shop even offers to replace batteries and repair your old consoles that no longer work, so you can keep that video game nostalgia going. 

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