Uniqlo Park Yokohama Bayside
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Uniqlo is opening its biggest store yet in Yokohama this April

Kaila Imada
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Kaila Imada

[Update, Apr 8] Uniqlo Park will now open on Monday April 13. Adjusted opening hours due to coronavirus will be 10am-6pm. 


Japan's favourite fast fashion retailer Uniqlo is stepping up its game with a new megastore, set to open at Mitsui Outlet Park Yokohama Bayside on April 10. This new store will be the brand's largest yet, housing both Uniqlo and its sister retailer GU. The flagship label Uniqlo is loved worldwide for its classic designs, great basics, fabric innovations like Heattech and highly coveted collaborations such as its previous Takashi Murakami x Doraemon collection. GU, on the other hand, offers trendy fashion for both men and women at affordable prices.

The new Yokohama Bayside store won't be your average Uniqlo outlet, either. Aside from the aforementioned retail stores, the space will also feature amusement facilities including slides, jungle gym equipment, interactive spaces, and pockets of greenery for visitors to enjoy. The facility aims to be family-friendly, so people can bring their kids to play, relax and shop, all in one convenient location. 

We're still unsure how the Covid-19 coronavirus will affect Uniqlo's plan for the year. Aside from its pledge to donate masks to help combat the pandemic, Uniqlo is, so far, also planning to open two other major shops in Tokyo: a new store in the highly anticipated With Harajuku shopping complex on April 25 as well as a global flagship store in Ginza on May 15. 

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