Uniqlo's reusable, triple-layered Airism face masks to go on sale June 19

The fast fashion retailer's new face masks, made from its fast-drying Airism material, will go on sale on June 19

Kaila Imada
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Kaila Imada

[Update, June 15] Uniqlo's Airism face masks will go on sale this Friday, June 19. The masks are available in three sizes including one for kids, and they come in a pack of three for ¥990. These reusable masks feature a three-layer construction that helps block 99 precent of particles in the air and best of all, are machine-washable. Moreover, the outer material is also UV resistant, which can block out 90 percent of harmful UV rays. Can't wait to get your hands on one? You'll be glad to know that June 19 is also the grand opening of the new Uniqlo Tokyo global flagship store in Ginza.


[May 26 2020] To help protect against Covid-19 coronavirus, wearing a face mask has become an essential accessory when venturing outside our homes. Recently, Japan’s seen a shortage of face masks, but as more manufacturers have started producing them, they’re becoming available online. Plus, they’re easy to make yourself.

To help keep up with demand, Uniqlo has announced a new line of face masks which will be released this summer. The fast fashion retailer will be making the masks out of its highly breathable, fast-drying Airism material. Airism is a common staple in the brand’s summer apparel line, mostly used for light and airy T-shirts and undergarments. 

The new reusable masks will be available for purchase online and in stores starting this summer, and we bet they’ll be a hot ticket item. In the meantime, check out these DIY face masks which you can make at home – no sewing required.

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