In photos: social distancing solutions in Japan

From social distancing plushies to plastic barriers, these are some of the creative ways Japan is handling coronavirus

Youka Nagase
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Youka Nagase

It’s been just over a week since Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe declared a state of emergency, and businesses in Tokyo, Osaka and five other prefectures have stepped up their efforts to reduce the spread of Covid-19 coronavirus. Tokyo has previously made attempts to flatten the curve by closing down tourist attractions, shortening business hours and cancelling events, but the number of coronavirus cases has kept rising.

Now, businesses including department stores and nightlife venues have been urged to shutdown and people have been advised to stay home as much as they can until May 6. Businesses deemed essential, like supermarkets, restaurants, pharmacies and banks, will remain open during this time, but they've all incorporated new strategies to keep customers and staff safe. Here are a few ways Japanese businesses have been coping with the coronavirus outbreak.

This bank has placed plushies in every other seat to make sure people keep social distancing while they're waiting.

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Convenience stores and supermarkets have placed plastic covers at the cash register to reduce the risk of staff and customers catching or spreading coronavirus.

Companies are holding interviews and meetings in a more spread out manner to adhere to the recommended 2-metre distancing. 

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Convenience stores and supermarkets now have queuing guidelines on the floor to help people visualise how far apart they should stand.

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Restaurants have decreased the number of tables, leaving some permanently empty to ensure that customers have extra room between each other.

Park tables are taped off during coronavirus
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Park tables and benches are taped off to prevent people from gathering.

See updates on the Covid-19 coronavirus situation in Tokyo and Japan here

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