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Noguchi knit face mask1/4
Photo: Noguchi Knit
Takebe Orimono washi paper face mask2/4
Photo: Takebe Orimono
Photo: fb.com/iwasakimonojapan
Photo: 宇都宮餃子マスク

Where to buy face masks online in Tokyo and Japan

These online shops offer a wide range of reusable face masks in different styles and materials – and they deliver to you

By Kaila Imada

With the ongoing Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, face masks have become hot commodities. In particular, a number of stylish yet functional reusable face masks have become available giving people an eco-friendly alternative to disposable paper masks. To help with demand, fashion brands including Uniqlo have even stepped up to create reusable face masks.

Many people have started making their own masks at home, but if you’d rather leave the handiwork to the experts, you'll find a variety of creative and fashionable reusable cloth masks online, along with DIY mask-making kits. From vintage kimono masks to cool denim ones ones, there’s something out there to suit every taste.

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Mask up

Sasaya Kimono face mask
Photo: Sasaya

Sasaya kimono textile face mask

Kimono specialist Sasaya makes elegant, reusable face masks from kimono textile that’s woven with luxurious ginshi (silver thread). Crafted by artisans, these handmade masks feature an outer layer that contains 60 percent silver thread, which the brand says provides antibacterial qualities. Despite kimonos having a reputation for its thick material, these masks are highly breathable while the ear straps are adjustable for a comfortable fit.

The smart-looking masks come in various sizes and colours: there are silver pink (¥4,400) and silver white (¥3,850) for the ladies while the slightly larger size for men is available in silver grey (¥4,400). You can purchase the masks here.

Big John washable mask
Photo: Big John

Big John washable mask

This antibacterial denim face mask is made by one of the leading denim producers in Kojima, the birthplace of Japanese denim. Its three-layered construction features a pocket where you can insert an extra filter, and there’s also a hidden wire along the top seam so you can adjust the fit of the mask to suit your nose. The adjustable elastic ear straps will further keep the mask snugly on your face. These Big John masks come in two denim colours (¥3,000) and two lighter chambray versions (¥2,800), both are available online.

Photo: Noguchi Knit

Noguchi Knit face mask

What better face mask to get you in the autumn mood than a knit mask that looks like a cosy scarf? These Noguchi Knit face masks are washable and can filter out 96.3 percent of pollen in the air – perfect for those who suffer from autumn hay fever. The masks come in six different colours and they retail for ¥1,800 each. Buy them online here.

Snidel silk face mask
Photo: Snidel

Snidel silk mask

For a luxurious mask that's gentle on your skin, this offering by womenswear brand Snidel is made from 100 percent silk. The mask is soft to the touch and features a hidden upper wire so that you can adjust the fit to your nose. There's even a pouch to keep the mask when not in use. Choose from a series of muted autumnal colours including brown, beige and grey. The masks retails for ¥2,900 each and are available online

iHeat face mask
Photo: Alpen Co., Ltd.

Alpen iHeat cotton mask

As the weather starts to cool, masks can also help keep your face comfortably warm. This dual-function face masks from Alpen are made from heat-generating cotton, perfect for the autumn/winter season. The masks come in black or white and retail for ¥438 online.

Takebe Orimono washi paper face mask
Photo: Takebe Orimono

Reusable washi paper face mask

News Shopping & Style

Japanese textile maker Takebe has just released a brand new collection of face masks made of traditional Japanese washi paper, which are ideal to wear with a kimono or yukata. The masks are composed of a three-layer structure that uses both washi paper and polyester for a comfortable fit that’s also resilient to moisture. The middle layer of the mask is made of a material that has an antibacterial and deodorising effect, which makes it even more useful, especially during Japan’s hot summer months. Each face mask costs ¥1,980 and masks can be pre-ordered through Takebe’s online store, with shipments beginning on September 1. 

Photo: 宇都宮餃子マスク

Gyoza-shaped face mask

News Shopping & Style

Produced by Gyozakai in Utsunomiya, Japan’s self-proclaimed dumpling city, this local gyoza cooperative has gone the extra mile by offering these cute cloth masks alongside other gyoza-shaped merchandise such as pouches and stationery.

The 100-percent cotton masks are priced at ¥980 each, and are available online in two sizes: medium and large. There are also two colours to choose from: a pale beige resembling a typical gyoza skin and a brown one which could pass off as a deep-fried gyoza.

Mizuno Some Koujyo Co mask

Animal face mask

Japanese dyeing company Mizuno Some Koujyo Co is producing some kawaii reusable face masks in fun designs. The big draw is these animal masks, featuring the nose and mouth of a dog, pig, lion, hippo and other creatures. For something a bit more Japanese, we love the black shiba inu, and kitsune (Japanese fox) patterns. The 100 percent cotton masks come in three adult sizes as well as one for children. The animal masks cost ¥1,320 and can be purchased here.

I was a kimono face mask
Photo: fb.com/iwasakimonojapan

Vintage kimono face mask

News Shopping & Style

Show off some vintage Japanese designs with these face masks upcycled from former kimono. Not only are these face masks sustainable and fashionable, they’ll help you feel safe outside. Each mask showcases the kimono’s vintage and nature-inspired designs – you’ll recognise momiji maple leaves, peonies, Hokusai-style waves and more. Kimono silk lines the outside of the mask while the inside has soft cotton that won’t irritate skin. Each mask, priced at ¥2,100, is available in three sizes: small, regular and large. Get your kimono masks here (international shipping available). 

Somarta face masks

Somarta mask

Japanese fashion label Somarta has just released a line of high-fashion face masks. Designed by Somarta founder Tamae Hirokawa, the line of fashionable face masks were released with the brand's 2020 autumn/winter collection. These protective accessories are styled with lace and come in five different colours for ¥4,290 each. You can purchase the masks online here. Somarta also suggests boiling the face mask before first use to sterilise the material. 

Felissimo snood mask

Felissimo mask snood

This snood-mask hybrid is designed to help prevent hay fever and allergies, but it also doubles as a great quarantine face mask that keeps your neck warm. The cotton blend material is UV resistant and features a silk inner lining for extra comfort. To keep it up on your face, just hook it around your ears and push it down as a scarf when you need a breather. It costs ¥1,870, and the best part is it's available for order in Japan and internationally.

Bonum mask
Photo: instagram.com/bonum.jp

Bonum organic cotton mask

This organic cotton face mask comes in appropriately summer-themed colours like khaki and beige as well as patterns such as stripes. The lightweight cotton chambray material is soft and breathable and ties can be adjusted to fit around your ears. The masks are ¥1,980 and can be ordered online here.

Shibutani Shoten Face Masks
Photo: Shibushokojima/Twitter

Tie-dye face mask

News City Life

These colourful masks are made from mesh fabric that’s enclosed by cotton on the outside and silk on the inside, a combination that's comfortable and less stuffy. For residents of Kurashiki in Okayama prefecture, the masks are available from a neighbourhood vending machine located along the city’s Kojima Jeans Street. The masks come in five different colours, are all hand-dyed and can be used repeatedly – the company recommends washing the mask by hand after each use. Masks are ¥800 each and can be purchased online here.



Detachable mask elastic bands
Photo: instagram.com/ayjudieofficial

Detachable mask elastic

Making your own face masks is a surprisingly simple alternative to buying masks – and you don't even need a sewing machine. These detachable elastic bands from A.Y. Judie can simply clip onto any handkerchief, towel or cloth to turn it into an instant face mask. They also come in various sizes, so you can make masks that fit both adults and kids. Purchase the elastics online for ¥880 for a set of two.

Mask up in Tokyo and Japan


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