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Would you pay ¥59,800 to dine on a grounded aeroplane?

All Nippon Airways now offers full course meals in its first and business class cabins – but the flight won’t take off

Emma Steen
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Emma Steen

Got champagne wishes and caviar dreams? Jet-setting to exotic islands might be impossible now with border restrictions still tightly in place, but All Nippon Airways (ANA) has found a different use for its aircrafts for the time being. Just yesterday, ANA began an 11-day dining service called the Winged Restaurant, where diners could board a parked Boeing 777-300ER jet just to dine in first or business class seats. 

Though the plane is not going anywhere, the prices for the meals are sky-high. A six-course meal in business class costs ¥29,800 whereas a full course in first class will set you back a whopping ¥59,800. You can choose between a Japanese or Western menu for lunch or dinner, with the Western menu offering a choice between meat or fish. All options come with free-flow wine and champagne.

Because a long-haul flight in first class would easily cost upwards of ¥500,000 around this time of year, ANA was quoted saying in several news reports that this limited-time dining experience is considered a bargain. You might not be convinced, but the offer caught the attention of enough high-rollers that the experience was sold out before it even began. ANA is reportedly planning similar events for the future. 

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