Watch: 7-Eleven Japan has released a new anime miniseries on YouTube

The surprisingly endearing video ads are a collaboration with the studio behind ‘Kimi no Na Wa’ ('Your Name')

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Emma Steen

7-Eleven Japan’s latest campaign promises that extraordinary moments can be found on the most ordinary days – as demonstrated in the company’s new animated miniseries, ‘Rainbow Finder’. While each short episode (they’re less than two minutes long) is essentially a commercial at its heart, each has the polish and the feel-good factor of some of the most beloved uplifting anime films – and they’ve got the views to prove it. 

Between them, they’ve got nearly 10 million views and counting. The secret of their success? The campaign is actually a collaboration with The Answer Studio, the same production company that made ‘Kimi no Na Wa’ (‘Your Name’), and the episodes are directed by Hiroshi Kawamata, who previously worked for Walt Disney Animation Japan.

Episode 1: Feelings captured through a lens

The first episode, released in January, tells the tear-jerking story of how high school student Nanami followed in her late father’s footsteps by picking up photography. This becomes all the more touching when Nanami uses her camera skills to capture her older sister, Hitomi, crossing the finish line of a race their father wasn’t able to see. 

Episode 2: On the corner, one snowy day 

Nanami also makes a brief appearance here, but this one is more about the budding friendship between two classmates, Akira and Toru, in the heat of exam season. 

Episode 3: Graduation

The most recent episode, though hopefully not the last, is just as endearing, with the return of Akira and Hitomi. The pair, as it turns out, were best friends in childhood, though it seems Hitomi’s feelings for Akira have changed since their  younger years. Hitomi eventually builds up the courage to try and confess her feelings for Akira, but no words come out. Akira, in response, gives her the other half of his nikuman – the ultimate romantic gesture.

We'll keep updating this article as and when a new episode is released.

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