PCR vending machine
Photo: Keisuke TanigawaJyomyoin Temple

You can now get Covid-19 test kits from vending machines in Tokyo

The machines in Shibuya, Ueno, Shinagawa and Chiyoda offer Takenoko ENT Clinic’s at-home saliva PCR test kits

By Youka Nagase

Amid the most recent surge in Covid-19 cases, Japan has extended its state of emergency and implemented tighter travel and re-entry restrictions. More and more private PCR testing centres have also opened up in recent months, but most, if not all, require reservations in advance, which can be difficult if you need a test urgently or just aren’t used to navigating a Japanese website. Proving that you really can find anything in Japan’s vending machines, you can now purchase PCR test kits at the press of a button in several locations in Tokyo and Yokohama.

PCR vending machine
Photo: Kisa ToyoshimaOsaki

The machines sell at-home saliva-based test kits – so no need to worry about having a cotton swab going up your nose – for ¥4,500, which come with all the necessary equipment to take a saliva sample and send it off to the Takenoko ENT Clinic for analysis.

PCR vending machine
Photo: Kisa ToyoshimaOsaki

The coronavirus test is as simple as spitting your saliva into the small round container, splashing in one or two drops of the salt water solution, pouring the contents into the cylindrical tube and sending it off in the postage-paid envelope provided. The company states that the results will be available within 24 hours upon receiving the sample, and you'll be notified of your results via email shortly after. 

PCR vending machine
Photo: Kisa ToyoshimaShinbu Sakiya Ramen

You’ll find the vending machines at the following locations – some are installed in unassuming places like a temple and ramen shop:

  • 5-4-19 Osaki, Shinagawa
  • Jyomyoin Temple, 2-6-4 Ueno-Sakuragi, Taito
  • Shinbu Sakiya Ramen, 2-10-3 Dogenzaka, Shibuya
  • Kitanorimonocho Parking, 16 Kanda-Kitanorimonocho, Chiyoda
  • Ofuna Station-front Building, 1-1-1 Kasama, Sakae, Yokohama


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