The best Tokyo yakitori restaurants

Where to get your tasty skewered chicken fix
Ogawa, Yotsuya | Time Out Tokyo
Tokyo yakitori done right at Yotsuya's Ogawa
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Best known as every Japanese oyaji's favourite beer snack, the humble yakitori (grilled, skewered chicken) is most commonly consumed in noisy pubs, at simple roadside stalls, or at various open-air festivals taking place year-round all over the country. However, the gourmet value of this simple delicacy is also widely recognised, best evidenced by the existence of Michelin-starred yakitori restaurants in Tokyo. Below, we have selected 10 of the best places in the city for getting your mouthwatering chicken-on-a-stick fix, ranging from friendly neighbourhood izakayas to splendidly sophisticated bird bars. And if you secretly prefer beef to chicken, make sure to consult our Tokyo yakiniku guide.

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icon-location-pin Sendagi
This tiny Sendagi eatery caters to all friends of wine and/or nihonshu. Go for the standard menu (¥5,400, includes appetiser, skewers, and a main dish) or pick your favourites off the blackboard - menus change daily, with the birds being grilled ranging from duck to shamo chicken.
Restaurants, Yakitori

Isehiro Kyobashi

icon-location-pin Kyobashi
Be it at lunch or at dinner, Isehiro will never let a yakitori lover down. The lunch bowl (yakitori-don) maintains the same high quality as the dinner courses (from ¥4,725), which allow visitors to experience a wide variety of chicken parts.
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icon-location-pin Musashi-Koyama
This tiny eatery in Musashi-Koyama often fills up right away after opening, making reservations highly recommended. The very reasonably priced yakitori (from ¥150) are outstanding, particularly the perfectly cooked livers and tsukune meatballs.
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icon-location-pin Bakurocho
This Higashi-Nihonbashi chicken-and-drinks bar specialises in tataki, a kind of meat dumpling that can be sampled either cooked or raw. Pour some savoury sauce over your dish and start chewing - the goodness will overwhelm most taste buds in seconds.
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icon-location-pin Kinshicho
Made of only the freshest chicken liver, the giblets at this Michelin-starred gem are worth the short trip to Kinshicho. Those uncomfortable with intestines will be relieved to hear that the rest of the menu maintains a similarly high quality.
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Ginza Torishige

icon-location-pin Ginza
This upscale joint in Ginza has been in business for over 80 years, and the experience shines through in their tsukune meatballs, light-tasting quail skewers, and chewy duck dishes. Don't forget to end your meal with a bowl of Torishige's famous 'dry curry'.
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Souten Minamiguchi

icon-location-pin Otsuka
The can't-miss dish at Otsuka's famed Souten is the shiitake-flavoured tsukune meatball, a juicy and powerful creation that rises high above the standard. Adventurous diners might want to take a shot at the chicken sashimi plate with its symphony of textures.
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icon-location-pin Nakameguro
The standard course (¥4,800) is the only way to go at this Nakameguro bar, but it's also most certainly the right way; starting with artistic appetisers and stretching all the way from small veggie bites to excellent chicken skewers, Iguchi takes yakitori to another level.
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icon-location-pin Yotsuya-Sanchome
Opened in summer 2013 in Yotsuya's Arakicho, this small yakitori place has attracted quite a following in the past few months. The 'tasting course' (¥2,000) is great for first-timers, and features an impressive variety of juicy skewers that go perfectly with wine.
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icon-location-pin Shibuya
Carnivores in the know might have heard of this Shibuya eatery, which lets customers grill every chicken part imaginable, yakiniku-style, in a homely atmosphere. The proprietress explains preparation methods and ingredients carefully, so even first-timers needn't worry.

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