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Photo: Maru Sankaku Shikaku
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Cool and quirky new face masks and accessories in Japan

Take your face protection to the next level with these creative face masks and accessories

By Kaila Imada

Tokyo has reopened, but the ongoing Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic has made face masks a necessity for the foreseeable future. Of course, that’s no reason to stick with a boring white cloth mask. Creativity with masks has reached new heights in Japan and around the world, with people making all kinds of unique face coverings. Furthermore, as the summer heat approaches, there are a number of inventive masks and accessories out there to help keep you cool and fresh as well. Here are some of our favourites.

Note: these are not medical grade disposable face masks, so be sure to check the brand's website for information on efficacy.

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Level up your face mask

Coolist face mask
Photo: Coolist

Cooling face masks

In Japan’s notoriously stuffy summer, wearing a face mask for prolonged hours could get uncomfortable. Thankfully, there are a number of innovative masks out there that can also help keep you cool, like these featuring pockets for putting in mini ice packs. If that seems a bit cumbersome, try the Coolist masks (¥1,600 each) – they wick away moisture to help you stay sweat-free. Plus, the quick-drying material is also easily washable, so the mask can be reused daily.

Under Armour face mask
Photo: Under Armour

Athletic face masks

Anyone who's gone to the gym wearing a face mask knows how uncomfortable and stuffy it can get. The good news is, these Under Armour performance mask has a triple-layered design to help you exercise more comfortably. The breathable mask is made from the brand’s special Iso-Chill fabric, and it's structured in a way that creates more space for better airflow. You'll find the mask in four different sizes; pre-order through the Under Armour website for ¥3,000 (for international orders, visit here).

Maru sankaku shikaku denim face mask
Photo: Maru Sankaku Shikaku

Denim face masks

Japan is known for its artisanal selvedge denim, so it’s no surprise to see the material turned into fashionable face masks. This chic mask designed by Maru Sankaku Shikaku is made in Japan’s Okayama prefecture, known for its high-quality denim. Available in sizes for adults and children, the mask features Okayama denim on the outer layer and comfortable cotton linen on the inside for easy breathing, even during the summer months. Buy yours onlineadult masks cost ¥1,800 each while a children’s mask is ¥1,500.

Hikari LED face mask
Photo: Hikari Mask

LED face mask

If you’re into bright flashy things, this is the mask for you. These reusable face masks light up in the dark, thanks to the addition of small LED lights inside the mask pocket. The Hikari Masks come in nine different colours and the material is fast-drying, moisture-wicking and washable. Adult and children sizes are available, and the masks can even be personalised with your name or a logo printed on the material. The basic masks are ¥980 each with the LED lights costing an additional ¥400. To order, email

Face mask frame
Photo: B'Full

3D Face mask frame

If you’ve got a face mask that’s a little too snug, you can add this handy frame inside to create a more spacious, comfortable fit. The frame doubles as a pocket to hold an ice pack to keep you cool, but more importantly, it keeps the mask from collapsing against your face when you breathe, so no more smudged makeup. The frame is light and reusable, costs ¥990, and can be purchased online.

Amabie face mask charm
Photo: B'Full

Face mask charms

Add some pizzazz to your face masks with a cute mask charm. It’s an excellent way to upgrade and personalise your average face mask with something fun and colourful. Mask clips come in many forms, such as these tiny amabie charms or daintier decorations like this flower clip that attaches to the mask strap rather than the fabric.

Design Case face mask case
Photo: Design Case

Face mask case

Keep your face masks safe, clean and ready to use with one of these slim and convenient mask cases. Offered by the personalised phone case brand Design Case, these mask 'folders' can be customised with pictures, designs and text of your choice. A single case sells for ¥1,280; order through the Design Case app where you can even add on images directly from your phone. The app is available on iOS and Android.

Salone de Mask
Photo: Salone de Mask

Stick-on face mask

News City Life

As we all do our best to follow proper safety protocols amid the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, we’re realising that some things are just harder to do with a face mask on – and getting a haircut is one of them. That’s where the new stick-on disposable face masks from Salone de Mask come in. These strapless face masks are transparent and simply stick to your face with adhesive strips that attach to your cheeks and under your jawline. No mask straps means your hairdresser is able to trim around your ears easily without worrying about accidentally snipping off your mask. Plus, the hairdresser can still see your face, so they can still make style judgements about how your new do will look.

Mask up in Tokyo and Japan


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