Best fishing spots in Tokyo

Tokyo has numerous ponds set up for city folk looking to find some peace and quiet while waiting for a fish to bite
By Mari Hiratsuka |

Looking for a relaxing activity that doesn't require a lot of walking or energy? You'll want to check out these fishing spots around Tokyo as they are a slice of peace and quiet amongst the city's crowded streets. While carps are the usual catch at these recreational fishing ponds, some of them also offer beautiful goldfish which you can take home as pets. Also, don't forget to check out the onsite restaurants or barbecue facilities. So take your time, throw in a bait, wait and breathe – fishing is a good respite from the city's manic always-on-the-go energy. It can be quite meditative.

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icon-location-pin Asagaya

A traditional fishing pond built in 1924, Suzuki-en features ponds of common and crucian carp, as well as a fishing tank of goldfish. The latter is a sight to behold, teeming with not only Japanese Wakin, but also the expensive Ryukin (fantail goldfish), Oranda, Azuma Nishiki (calico oranda) and Ranchu (lionhead goldfish). You can take home up to three fish per hour from this tank – so aim for the more expensive species. Suzuki-en is the perfect place to introduce novices to the joys of Japanese fishing, as the owner and regular patrons here are ready to teach you some fishing tips and tricks.

¥600 per hour (includes pole and bait). 

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Benkeibashi Boat Pier

icon-location-pin Kioicho

Located near Akasaka-Mitsuke Station, this fishing pond is dwarfed by its surrounding high-rise hotels and skyscrapers, but that adds to the charm. You can choose to fish from the floating pier or on a boat; pole and bait are included in the entrance price. Benkeibashi often hosts fishing tournaments throughout the year as well as seminars for beginners. It’s open all year, except on regularly scheduled closing days and during bad weather.

¥1,500 per hour for boat fishing, ¥860 per hour for fishing pond (includes pole and bait).

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icon-location-pin Hongo

Not far from Tokyo University’s main campus, this goldfish farm has 350 years of history. The premises are littered with bowls and tanks, all filled with a variety of goldfish and Nishikigoi (Japanese carp). You can try goldfish scooping (where you use a dipper made from paper), or bait for goldfish with a rod in the pond. Don’t forget to check out the onsite café and order the very popular set lunch.

¥500 per 30min (includes pole and bait).

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Ichigaya Fishing Centre

icon-location-pin Ichigaya

This fish pond is conveniently located in Ichigaya, right in the centre of the metropolitan area, which probably explains why it is so packed on weekends and holidays. Here you can fish for carp and goldfish, and enjoy traditional games such as goldfish and superball scooping. Don’t worry if you come empty-handed; you can rent a fishing rod while bait are available for sale.

¥780 per hour, pole ¥100, bait ¥100.

Shinagawa Fishing Garden

Shinagawa Fishing Garden

icon-location-pin Takanawa

Looking for a rainy day activity? This fishing pond, which was once the swimming pool of the now-decommissioned Hotel Pacific Tokyo, has a partly covered area. Fishing gear including tackle is provided, but do note that this is a catch-and-release facility – so no taking home the black carp.

Adults ¥790 per hour, child ¥590 per hour, gear rental ¥400.

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Musashino-en Fishing Pond

icon-location-pin Eifukucho

The huge Wadabori Park is home to baseball diamonds, tennis courts, cycling tracks, barbecue pits – and five fishing ponds. Come here for carp and goldfish, and yes, they provide fishing rod and bait. There’s a dining area onsite, where you can refuel on snacks and drinks.

¥700 per hour (includes pole and bait).

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