1. Narita Farm Land
    Photo: Narita Farm Land
  2.  Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo
    Photo: Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo
  3. Narita Farm Land
    Photo: Narita Farm Land

6 best spots to see fireflies in Tokyo

Check out these parks, restaurants and hotels for mesmerising views of fireflies in the city

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June brings with it the chance to get out in the fields and watch nature at play. Firefly season is upon us, and while it's true that Tokyo is rather limited in the field department these days, there are still some great spots to see these homegrown fireworks before they burn themselves out.

Check out our top picks of hotaru-watching events in central Tokyo, way out in the western suburbs and even in neighbouring Chiba prefecture.

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Fire away

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Explore Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo's garden and you’ll find yourself surrounded by hundreds of twinkling fireflies. Cross the garden’s vermillion Benkei Bridge and listen to the soothing sound of the waterfall and the garden’s singing cicadas – a classic Japanese summer soundscape. The breathtaking mix of the garden’s artificial ‘sea of clouds’ and the magical glowing fireflies will make you forget you’re in the heart of Tokyo. There are about 600 fireflies fluttering about from mid-May to the end of June, including Genji and Heike species.

To get in you'll have to purchase a ticket (¥2,000, primary school students ¥1,000).

Firefly-watching Tour
Photo: Narita Farm Land

Firefly-watching Tour

Visit Narita Farm Land in Chiba prefecture to join the sightseeing farm’s firefly-watching tour from June 1 until early July. Held at the venue’s 5,000sqm Dream Flower Park, complete with a little stream and water wheel, you’ll be able to spot plenty of genji and heike fireflies.

The event takes place from 8pm to 9pm, see available days in the event calendar. Note that you’ll need an advance reservation (¥2,000, primary school students and younger children ¥1,000). For more information, see the event’s official website.

1199-1 Tokoro, Narita, Chiba prefecture. 0476738314.

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