Momogusa: Masanobu Ando + Akiko Ando

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Momogusa: Masanobu Ando + Akiko Ando
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Momogusa: Masanobu Ando + Akiko Ando says
Mjolk presents works from the world-famous Gallerie Momogusa. Selected and curated by owners Masanobu Ando and Akiko Ando, the gallery showcases everyday objects that are both utilitarian and yet extraordinarily thoughtfully crafted. The exhibition will include Momogusa original products and publications alongside the ceramics of Masanobu Ando and the clothing of Akiko Ando.

Gallerie Momogusa

Gallerie Momogusa started with the purchase of a 100-year-old farmhouse in Narumi, which was then physically moved to Tajimi, Japan. Famed ceramicist and Tea Master, Masanobu Ando, and clothing designer, Akiko Ando, wanted a space that would welcome visitors and pose questions about human relationships with everyday objects. The gallery, which sits outside of Nagoya, features both short-term and permanent exhibitions, often centered on the relationship between art and craft and basic daily needs. The work featured asks users and creators to revaluate and restate the relevance of items that are often used without much thought. The gallery uses the traditional Japanese farmhouse to showcase works in a relatable and personal environment. There are no white walls or traditional gallery layouts, but rather, visitors will find works displayed in rooms with earthen or wooden floors, Tatami-mat rooms, Engawa, a veranda-like porch, and Tokonoma, a room with an alcove. It is a place where people are able to connect with the aesthetics of space, drawing connections with Japanese traditions and craftwork.

Masanobu Ando

Masanobu Ando is a ceramicist and Tea Master. Upon graduating from Musashino Art University under the sculpture program, Ando shifted his focus from conceptual art to a dedicated practice centered around Tea Ceremony and the creation of utensils and objects of everyday use. Masanobu Ando creates his own unique glazes using natural materials that begin to oxidize and change with age and use. These glazes can resemble different materials like silver, iron, or rust. His works are both delicate and simple; the soft-edges are often hand formed and showcase the natural beauty of objects.

Akiko Ando

Akiko Ando, clothing designer and co-owner of Gallerie Momogusa, creates works using exceptional materials of the finest quality. Her pieces are timeless, intended for long-term wear and use. Her designs are genderless and ageless without inciting any cultural references. However her pure approach to her clothing and keen eye for quality is instinctively Japanese. She has had the opportunity to collaborate with many important contemporary fashion designers including Minä Perhonen, SPOLOGUM, and Maki Textile Studio.
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By: Mjolk

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