Coronation timetable: here’s the full schedule for King Charles’s coronation

We’ve got the lowdown on all the big official events and other stuff happening this weekend

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Today is the day, folks. Crowds are lining the streets of London for King Charles’s coronation, an event that has already brought us veggie quiche, crown-jewel controversy and enough Union Jack bunting to last a lifetime. And we’ve still got Tom Cruise and Winnie the Pooh to look forward to. Yes, it might be chaos. Yes, it might all a bit irritatingly patriotic. But let’s be honest, the fact we’re witnessing history in the making is pretty cool, right?

So, when is the main event actually happening? When will the crown be placed on old Chazza’s head? And what time does the procession kick off (AKA, when should locals avoid central London like the plague)? 

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If you’re a bit of a last-minute planner, don’t fret. You can check out the full coronation timetable below, including timings for the royal procession, the crowning of the King and the coronation concert. Let’s go!

What’s the timetable for the King’s coronation?

Saturday, May 6 – Coronation Day

King Charles and Queen Camilla will officially be crowned and there will be all sorts of royal nonsense and archaic traditions. Here are the full timings for the big day.

6am Public viewing areas will open for keen beans along the main procession route.

7.15am Westminster Abbey guests will start to arrive for security checks.

7.30am Live TV coverage will get going and interviews will air.

9.30am VIP coronation guests are expected to arrive, including members of the royal family, heads of state and former prime ministers.

10.20am The royal procession from Buckingham Palace will kick off. Charles and Camilla will travel on the Diamond Jubilee Coach, leaving the Central Arch and passing many London landmarks to Westminster Abbey.

11am The coronation ceremony will begin. Buckingham Palace has published a full order of service, which details exactly how this will play out. The part where the crown is actually placed on the King’s head will probably happen at around midday, just after the secret sacred anointing ceremony.

1pm The coronation will probably last around two hours and the second procession will take place back to Buckingham Palace. This will be on a much larger scale than the route there.

1.45pm The Royal Salute will take place.

2.15pm Fifteen royal family members, including Prince William and Kate Middleton, will take their positions on the Buckingham Palace balcony. Here they’ll give a nice wave to us commoners and watch the historic flypast.

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Sunday, May 7 – ‘Big Lunches’ and the coronation concert

12pm The public is being encouraged to host ‘Big Lunches’ and cook quiches, as well as hold street parties. Pubs will also be open later.

8pm The coronation concert at Windsor Castle will kick off, with performances by the likes of Lionel Richie and Take That.

Monday, May 8 – The Big Help Out

It’s the extra bank holiday. King Charles is encouraging the British public to spend the day volunteering in the local community.

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