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Adult slides are now a thing all around the world

Written by
Rebecca Fontana

Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or just a fan of acting like a kid (no shame), you’re going to love all the new adult slides popping up around the world. Boring playground slides will look like mere child’s play once you see these careening off a skyscraper rooftop or around the side of a mountain. Though the trend isn’t quite as big as Pokémon Go yet, it’s definitely gaining speed—check out these amazing slides and get ready for a wild ride.

Los Angeles

A five-second ride feels like an eternity when you’re free-falling from a skyscraper—actually, the tallest building on the West Coast—on the new glass Skyslide, which opened on June 25. From 70 stories and 1,000 feet above Los Angeles, you go down the glass-bottomed slide and land on the Skyspace LA observation deck. Easy, right?

New York City

The East Coast is getting in on the slide fun on July 19 with Slide Hill on Governors Island. There will be four slides, and the tallest one runs 72 feet, making it the longest in the entire city. And that’s not all: The city’s getting a blacklight slide in August, and even though water slides are technically in a different category, we’re still excited for this 1,000-foot Slip’N Slide.


In June, the longest tunnel slide in the entire world opened up above London’s Olympic Stadium. Called the ArcelorMittal Orbit, it’s 584 feet and has 12 turns, and you’ll reach up to 15 miles an hour as you zoom down. The ride lasts for 40 seconds, which is much, much longer than it sounds. London also added a truly adults-only slide to a bar, but it’s up to you whether you want to drink before or after a go.


When it comes to majestic views, you can’t beat this 2,460-foot slide in Switzerland. The two-minute ride is only open during warmer months, but it’s much easier to see the snowy Swiss Alps from your butt than from skis.

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