Get paid $1,000 to watch all 10 'Harry Potter' movies

All you need to do is tweet about it.

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Imagen de la película Harry Potter y la piedra filosofal
Foto: Warner BrosHarry Potter y la piedra filosofal

We dare say it's never been easier to earn $1,000.

EDSmart, a college ranking website, is behind the latest binge-watch-for-pay project, this one involving the Pottersphere. The company is looking for a single candidate to binge-watch all eight Harry Potter films and the two Fantastic Beasts follow-ups, all the while live-tweeting about the experience and tagging @getedsmart. 

In addition to the cash, the fan will win a "Harry Potter marathon survival kit," which includes a $100 Grubhub gift card and some fun Potter swag—think Hogwarts alumni stainless steel insulated tumbler, butterbeer, caramel corn and containers, a Gryffindor snuggie, Bertie Botts every flavor jelly beans and chocolate crispy frog and some jelly gummy candy slugs. Yum.

The job sounds enticing as is but let's break it down a bit, why don't we? The eight Potter movies amount to just about 19 hours and 40 minutes of viewing. The two Fantastic Beasts production, on the other hand, clock in at about 4 hours and 26 minutes. In total, you're being asked to watch about 24 hours of films. Based on the $1,000 stipend, we calculate that you'll be making just over $41 an hour for... sitting on your couch with some snacks while watching a movie? Sounds awesome to us. 

You've got to be at least 18 to apply for the "job" and an "active social media user." Find the application right here—you have until May 15 to submit it.

Just in case Harry Potter isn't your thing, you have a few days left to sign up for's latest offering, which will pay you $2,000 to watch every episode of every season of a TV show of your own choosing. Die-hard fans of The Office, on the other hand, might want to apply for yet another promotion, this one offering $1,000 to binge-watch 15 hours of the show with friends (virtually speaking, of course).

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