Here’s the full list of Pizza Hut restaurants closing permanently across the U.S. and why

Pizza Hut abruptly closes restaurants in the Midwest to the dismay of fans

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Pizza enthusiasts may travel around the country to chase down the best pizza in the U.S.—from NYC to Chicago to LA—but sometimes a pie from a national pizza chain just hits the spot. So Pizza Hut fans in two Midwest states were stunned when eight Pizza Hut locations abruptly closed with no warning and no explanation. Not even the staff were notified. The chain confirmed the closures, but did not say why, leaving customers to speculate on the reasons and on the future of their beloved pies.

Where are the Pizza Huts that are closing?

The recent Pizza Hut closures were in Ohio and Indiana. Locations in Dublin, Arlington, Obetz and Marion Village in Ohio were shuttered. The Northwest Indiana locations that closed include Valparaiso, Crown Point, Griffith and Hobart.

How many Pizza Huts will be closing?

The total number of Pizza Huts that closed is eight.

Why are Pizza Hut closing locations?

Pizza Hut did not explain the closures, and managers at the closed locations had little information to share with their employees and customers. Pizza Huts is owned by Yum Brands, but locations around the country are owned by several different franchises. A lawsuit by Pizza Hut was filed against EYM, one of the largest franchise owners in Indiana, earlier this month but EYM would not confirm whether the Indiana locations were part of its franchise.

In 2020, more than 300 Pizza Hut locations closed as a result of NPC International, one of the largest franchise owners, filing for bankruptcy. In response to the latest shutdowns, Pizza Hut officials simply point customers to the online Pizza Hut locator tool to find other nearby options.

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