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Presidio, San Francisco
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Revealed: The best cities for dating in the US

Swipe right for these romantic destinations.

Erika Mailman
Written by
Erika Mailman

For singles deciding where to live or travel, it’s always good to know whether a particular city has a good reputation for dating. A lot goes into that: Are there good places to get together? Are there romantic spots to continue the fun? And even just from the get-go, is there a good pool of ready, willing and able daters (which we could track from the number of date idea searches per city)? The online company From Mars has crunched the data for us and come up with a list of the top 10 US cities for dating.

According to the data, the top city for dating is San Francisco. It has the highest density of romantic places and ideas — with a heartwarming 6.93 per square mile. In that same average mile, there are 106 restaurants and six nightclubs. Time to make out on the Golden Gate Bridge.

The next city on the list is Boston, with lots of places to get together like Irish bars, restaurants, and parks along the Mystic River. Boston rose to second place with a high preponderance of Google searches for date ideas in the city.

Third on the list is Miami with a ton of restaurants (121 per square mile) serving aphrodisiacal seafood. Plus: lots of beaches to have that sun-warmed first kiss.

Fourth is Chicago, where residents performed more than 42,000 online searches for great date ideas! And some of those results likely included dining at the nearly 40 restaurants per square mile. Deep dish pizza meets deep eye gazing?

In fifth place is Seattle, where lovers have been known to be sleepless. Here in the Emerald City, there are 2.2 romantic activities per square mile. Take a ferry to Bainbridge Island while one of you leans your head on the other one’s shoulder.

Number six has earned its reputation as a place where wild nights lead to drive-through weddings: Las Vegas. There are of course a dazzling number of nightlife venues, more than any other city in the list except for New York (405, to be precise). Put all your money on red, and make sure you know the person’s middle name before things get too nutty.

Here's the full list (in case you're thinking of making a move): 

1. San Francisco 

2. Boston 

3. Miami

4. Chicago

5. Seattle

6. Las Vegas 

7. Minneapolis

8. New York

9. Los Angeles

10. Portland, Oregon

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