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Photograph: Google

You're not alone: Here is what people have been asking Google this week

From Dalgona coffee to virtual weddings and binge-worthy television.

Written by
Anna Rahmanan

As usual, we turn to Google to peek at the lives of Americans, and world citizens, during these unprecedented times. 

As the entire world sits at home, what are some of the questions on everyone's mind? How are we keeping ourselves occupied? What hobbies have we decided to take on? 

Search giant Google has just released their "week in search" tool, effectively highlighting the questions that most users have asked of the platform. 

The percent increases that we call out below reflect global queries between April 2 and April 9, but we can't help but hope that searches for "puppy adoption near me" (increase rate: 100%) will steadily rise as the weeks go by.

Take a look at some interesting numbers we pulled from Google's own report:

- Unsurprisingly, searches for "how to use clippers to cut hair" have gone up 140% this week.

- "How to clean your groceries" has shot up by 300%.

- Queries for "virtual wedding ceremony" increased by 170% because love still rules!

- We've been asking about "living room concerts" 1,300% more than usual. Let us help you out with that: here are some truly awesome live-streaming concerts and DJ sets that you can enjoy from home.

- "Binge worthy TV shows" queries increased by 200%. We're here to assist you: these are some awesome '90s TV shows—and where to binge-watch them.

- It seems like a lot of of people have also been looking for "famous painting to recreate." To be precise, searches for the topic have risen by 300%.

- Whipped coffee is the newest social media craze and, although we don't get it, we must admit that we're not surprised by the 500% increase in searches for "Dalgona coffee recipe." What happened to a good ol' cup of French press?

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