The 100 best restaurants in London

Feast your eyes on the top restaurants in London, from the new gastronomic game-changers to the seasoned heavyweights who give this city its culinary chops



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Even for people as gastronomically experienced as Time Out’s Eating & Drinking team, whittling down the very best places to eat in London to just a handful of absolutely essential culinary stars was no simple task.

Setting the criteria for our list of the 100 best restaurants in London was the easy bit. Anywhere we felt compelled to revisit again and again was instantly in, as were the places doing bold things with simple ingredients. The city’s latest culinary trends had to be acknowledged, of course, but only those at the top of their game could be considered for inclusion. We fretted, we sweated, we chewed on toothpicks while dramatically shortening shortlists with a big red marker. Until, at last, we had London’s best restaurants.

So in the list below – surely the ultimate guide to eating out in London – you’ll find it all: zeitgeist-defining celebrity haunts, simple but stunning food from some of the world’s most exciting chefs, places with starched linen napkins and places where you’ll have to eat with your fingers. What they all have in common is that they serve uncommonly good food, at fair prices, with service befitting the setting. In short, if you’re looking for a great meal, you’ve come to the right place.

You can browse the best restaurants in London by area or focus on a specific cuisine – if you’re looking for the finest British, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Indian or Italian restaurants in the capital, you’ll find them right here. You can also refine our list to suit your budget, whether you’re feeling flush or want something more affordable, though if you’re being particularly frugal you might want to check out our list devoted entirely to the capital’s best cheap eats.

Don’t forget to let us know which is your favourite place to chow down in London – you can leave a comment below, send us a tweet or vote on our selection – and tally up how many of our top 100 you’ve eaten at.

Now, go forth and feed!

Reviews by Tania Ballantine, Guy Dimond, Richard Ehrlich, Phil Harriss, Celia Plender

The best restaurants in London by price

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fooduk U

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Chris B
Chris B

Amazing list from an Amazing city .... I gotta give Trullo some well deserved love it's the kind of place we all need in our life .. Welcoming warm , and of course a killer well sourced menu that is lovingly handled and delivered Italian inspired with modern British sensibilities... Well done Trullo xo .