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The best Borough Market takeaways

Borough Market is the place to be for any discerning food-lover, but with more than a hundred tempting traders there are some serious decisions to be made…

Boston Sausage

Green Market (01205 362167/ www.bostonsausage.co.uk). 10am-6pm Thur, Fri; 9am-4pm Sat

Tasty Lincolnshire bangers made with free-range pork shoulder, breadcrumbs, sage and little else are grilled and served with caramelised onions in a white bap on Thursdays and Fridays (£2.50 for one, £3.50 for two). The recipe has been closely guarded by the family for generations. Read more

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Floral Hall (7407 1036/ www.brindisa.com). Noon-2pm Tue, Wed, Thur; 11.30am-4pm Fri, Sat

Join the salivating queue waiting for the renowned griddled Spanish Alejandro chorizo buns, oozing with piquant paprika oil, complemented by silky red pepper and peppery rocket, all for a very reasonable £3.60. Read more

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Middle Market (7407 4488/ www.gastronomica.co.uk). 9am-5pm Tue- Sat

Visit for crusty breads layered with meltingly thin slices of exclusive Italian cured meats, ricotta or buffalo mozzarella, juicy tomatoes and salad. It’s £3.50 for a fairly hefty sandwich. Read more

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La Tua Pasta

Green Market (8961 8024/ www.latuapasta.com). 10am-4pm Thur; 9am-6pm Fri; 8am-5pm Sat

Fresh and generous portions of eggy pasta are boiled to order. Choose from pillows of potato gnocchi (£3), spinach and ricotta ravioli (£4), or wild boar tortelloni (£5.50) smothered in vibrant red tomatoes and fresh parmesan. Read more

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Middle Market (07787 516258). Thur-Sat, times vary

Hand-dived scallops taste all the better for being seared and smothered in crunchy bacon bits. The molluscs are served on the shell with a veg stir fry for £4.50.

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Borough Market is literally the greatest thing in London, imho. I know, big call. Probably exaggerating. Still - the food here is all amazing. I also love Kappacasein's amazing grilled cheese sandwiches. I don't know the name of the booze place, but this summer as well as the usual Pimms and Sangria, they were also selling this unreal French rose summer spritzer. Awesome.