London's best garden centres



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The capital's finest independent spots for the green-fingered

  • Alleyn Park Garden Centre

    77 Park Hall Road, London, SE21 8ES

    The boutique-sized Alleyn Park punches well above its weight. Regularly highlighted as one of the UK's finest garden centres by mags and newspapers, it emphasises UK-grown stock from small suppliers. Fruit trees, herbs and herbaceous perennials (some in biodegradable sacks that can be planted straight into the ground) are a key feature, while a gorgeous gift shop also stocks tools and sundries. View the Alleyn Park Garden Centre listing

  • Boma London Garden Centre

    51-53 Islip Street, London, NW5 2DL

    Boma isn't just a place to buy your plants - although it's certainly well stocked if you're just looking for some raw garden materials, with its full compliment of bedding plants, trees and bushes, plus pots and cans. It also offers a complete gardening package, from regular gardening services, one-off complete re-landscaping projects, and personal shopping to help guide your choices. View the Boma London Garden Centre listing

  • Camden Garden Centre

    2 Barker Drive, London, NW1 0JW

    This award-winning garden centre sells a good selection of plants for window boxes and hanging baskets as well as terracotta pots, medicinal herbs, trellises and fencing. View the Camden Garden Centre listing

  • The Chelsea Gardener

    Chelsea Farmers' Market, 125 Sydney Street, London, SW3 6NR

    One for the moneyed gardener, this picturesque centre sells a wide range of plants, seeds and even fruit trees, as well as fertilisers, pots and tools. Locals love this place for its old-fashioned (but quite glamourous) charm and traditional services. It's an ideal destination if you're looking to transform a small area or create a tranquil terrace. View The Chelsea Gardener listing

  • Clifton Nurseries

    5A Clifton Villas, London, W9 2PH

    Visiting London's stateliest centre, established in 1851, fills the amateur gardener with longing and enthusiasm. Among the gorgeous stucco mansions of Little Venice you enter a horticulturalist's paradise, via a shady drive lined with topiarised box trees in lavish pots. View the Clifton Nurseries listing

  • Fulham Palace Garden Centre

    Bishops Avenue, London, SW6

    At this large garden centre on leafy Bishops Avenue, the staff are helpful and the selection of plants is strong. Best-sellers include olive trees, lavender plants and evergreen climbers such as honeysuckle and star-jasmine. View the Fulham Palace Garden Centre listing

  • Growing Concerns

    2 Wick Lane, London, E3 2NA

    Hidden between the Union Canal and the St Mark's Gate entrance of Victoria Park, this community garden centre is staffed by a team of horticulturalists and garden designers who are intent on improving the environment for those living in the East End. View the Growing Concerns listing

  • Neal's Nurseries

    Heathfield Road, London, SW18 2PH

    At the fringes of Wandsworth Common (and just across the road from Wandsworth Prison), Neal's is one of the largest garden centres in the capital. Pitched at the mainstream gardener, it comes well stocked with a wide selection of popular plants, covering fruit and veg to roses, as well as a small number of specimen trees (which can be delivered for a small fee). View the Neal's Nurseries listing

  • North One Garden Centre

    The Old Button Factory, 25 Englefield Road, London, N1 4EU

    Enjoying a string of awards since its opening, North One Garden Centre has grown from a small backyard independent to a boutique-style gardener's essential with an array of shrubs and indoor plants. View the North One Garden Centre listing

  • Rassells of Kensington

    78-80 Earl's Court Road, London, W8 6EQ

    A visit to Rassells is probably as close as you'll get to children's book, 'The Secret Garden'. On first sight, the centre looks like a florist. Cut flowers line the entrance, while inside gift-like pot plants, orchids, indoor plants, seeds and bulbs fill the store. If you're lucky enough to catch someone walking out of a discreet door on the left, you might be inclined to investigate. View the Rassells of Kensington listing

  • West Six Garden Centre

    Railway arches, Ravenscourt Avenue, off King Street, London, W6 0SL

    A large site at the edge of Ravenscourt Park selling specimen shrubs and ornamental glazed pots (exclusive to the site) underneath railway arches. View the West Six Garden Centre listing

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Virtually ALL the garden centres listed here are the ones you get when you google 'garden centre London'. Well done, Time Out, great effort!! Wow!! And yet another GREAT WOW!!!


Alleyn Garden is a very expensive and not necessarily worth the effort. The croxted road garden centre in west dulwich has much better quality plants, all the locals use that and Alleyns has to over charge to compensate. This article was not written by an actual gardener. Pointless and misleading exercise.


I'm looking for a garden centre in the east of london which has a nice, simple restaraunt within it. If anyone can help that would be awesome :) thanks, rebecca x


My favourite garden centre is Shoots Garden Centre. They have a huge range of products and departments, are well priced and such a happy, pleasant atmosphere!

Charaf Ouggag
Charaf Ouggag

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