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London's best running shops

Keep your feet happy by stocking up on running shoes, clothing and equipment in these great sports shops

Great gear will help you put your best foot forward, so jog on into one of these excellent running shops and get kitted up. Gait assessments, shoe advice, sports clothing and running gadgets you never knew you needed are all available, and not a smelly sock in sight.


Catering for skiiers, tennis players, trekkers and runners alike, this busy Fulham shop uses sophisticated technology to create bespoke insoles if you have £119.95 to spare. First, you’ll need to book in for a thorough assessment (£40)  where your feet and running style will be scrutinised – you’ll even be provided with footscans and bespoke exercises. If you are simply on the hunt for new running shoes, book in for a free ‘light’ service where your gait is measured. Staff are knowledgable and super-helpful. Brands include Asics, Adidas, Brooks, Saucony and Mizuno.

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Parsons Green


Book in for a personal consultation if you want to find running shoes to fit your feet and running habits. Brands include Asics, New Balance and Adidas. There’s also heaps of running gear and accessories.

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Incongruously located within a ten metre sprint from this monster mall’s massive fast food joints, this efficient store offers a wide range of running apparel and trainers as well as gait analysis via treadmill video recording, customised insoles, sports bra fitting and free access to online fitness support service Full Potential. A popular free running group meets at the store on Tuesdays and Sundays, a rare example of community spirit and dedicated customer service in a shopping centre like this.

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Nike Running Store

Nike’s first running-specific store has weekly run clubs, gait analysis, the bespoke NikeiD service and the full range of clothing and sneakers. A mini, specialist version of the oft-overwhelming Nike Town store on Oxford Circus.

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Covent Garden

Runner's Need

Staff at this popular chain, with branches throughout London, help you find the trainers to suit your specific running requirements, taking into account what terrain you are running on and obsessing over important details like how the thickness of socks will affect the fit of your running shoe. As with other running specialists, you are filmed while running on a treadmill for a couple of minutes and the footage is played back to you (in freeze-frame if necessary) to accurately assess your foot plant, stride and running pattern. A good range of running clobber is available, alongside accessories like  watches and heart monitors.

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Synergy Running

An appointment only service run by true specialists from a personal training suite. During your assessment, running coaches from the centre will carry out video gait analysis, measure your feet, and then prescribe you a pair of shoes. They’ll also recommend exercises to strengthen muscles revealed as lacking in the tests to help improve your running technique.

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Hornsey Vale

Run and Become

This well-established running shop offers a ‘Natural Gait Analysis’ which provides feedback on your foot strike (that’s how your foot lands) and the way your whole body moves. Staff will assess your running style by taking you on the treadmill. You’ll then have the opportunity to try on different shoes as they continue to test the efficiency of each model. Allow about half an hour for the process. Specialist brands include Saucony, Zoot and Mizuno alongside bigger barnds like Adidas and Nike.

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St James's Park

London City Runner

This friendly independent prides itself on great customer service and offers a fine range of running gear. Enthusiasts of the barefoot running trend, here you will find a good selection of ultra-lightweight running shoes from specialist brands like Vivo Barefoot. As with all top running shops, London City Runner offers a gait analysis to help you find your ideal running shoes. Trainer brands include Asics, Brooks and Mizuno.

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