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The top five New York art shows this week

Check out our art critic's suggestions for the best art exhibitions you don’t want to miss

With an art scene as prominent and ever-changing as New York’s, you don’t want to miss these essential exhibitions. From the best photography and art galleries to shows at NYC institutions like the Met, MoMA and the Guggenheim, Time Out rounds up the top five art shows of the week.

Monday, April 13–Sunday, April 19

“Tseng Kwong Chi: Performing for the Camera”

Critics' pick

Born in Hong Kong, Tseng was something of an art- and club-scene fixture during the go-go ’80s, a celebrity shutterbug who documented downtown nightlife, as well as a performance artist for the camera whose photographic self-portraits capture him in a Mao suit, posing fish-out-of-water style against New York and American landmarks. This first-ever retrospective revisits his alien’s perspective of the Reagan era.

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Grey Art Gallery/NYU Tuesday April 21 2015 - Saturday July 11 2015 Free

“Sultans of Deccan India, 1500–1700: Opulence and Fantasy”

For more than a millennium, the Deccan Plateau in Central India was home to some of the greatest ruling dynasties in the subcontinent’s history. A region rich in diamonds (thanks to volcanos credited with at least one great extinction in Earth’s geological past), it attracted artists, poets, writers and traders from all over the world. The 16th and 17th centuries represented a cultural apogee, brought to life in this show of 200 treasures including paintings and metalwork.

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art Monday April 20 2015 - Sunday July 26 2015

Neil Goldberg, “One Version of Events”

Goldberg’s videos and photos are known for their poetic meditations on the mundane, capturing, for instance, the faces of people who’ve just missed the subway. His latest works, which include drawings, veer into our relationships with food with images sporting such titles as The Gay Couples of Whole Foods and Wild Animals Eat My Family and Me (Jeff and Hyena).

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Participant Inc Until Sunday May 24 2015 Free

Bill Jensen, “Transgressions”

Dense, heavily worked surfaces and an intuitive hand characterize this veteran abstractionist’s work, which over the course of his 40-year career has evolved from depicting vaguely surreal forms to pure gestural application of paint.

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Cheim & Read Tuesday April 21 2015 - Saturday May 9 2015 Free

Erin Shirreff, “Arm’s Length”

Critics' pick

Shirreff is known for her refined exploration of abstraction across several mediums, including photography, sculpture and video. In her solo gallery debut, 2-D segues into 3-D and vice versa with a series of photos depicting sculptural moquettes and a series of steel reliefs based on shapes cut out of paper.

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Sikkema Jenkins & Co. Tuesday April 21 2015 - Friday May 22 2015 Free


Jeff W
Jeff W

Cocktail gallery reception in Tribeca tonight for my work..for those interested.