Fitness guide: The best fitness classes, sports and gyms in NYC

Stay in shape and look great with our NYC fitness guide, featuring the hottest trends, cool classes, fun sports, workout routines, and gyms and health clubs.



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Even if you hate the gym, you can get your act together with these new workouts and diet plans inspired by hot bodies we spotted on the street.

Fitness guide 2008

Where did you get that body?

We plucked these hotties off the street to find out how they manage to have such excellent physiques. The best part: They're not...

Getting the shaft

Are bouncing breasts and dangling dicks a pain in the gym? Our male and female reporters trade parts to find out how the other half gives.

Playa fields

It doesn't matter how fit you are (or aren't), your body is a wonderland-somewhere.

Inside track

Here's where to bring your outdoor workouts in from the cold.

Motivational seeker

"It's for your own good" isn't enough. Some of us lazy bums need a better reason to get in shape.

Get hot

Our experts give you Diet plans, workout routines and more ways to make up for your drinking binges.

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