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More health & fitness spots

As recommended by our expert Hamptons trainers

Meditation spots

(per Fred Devito and Lis Halfpapp of Exhale)
Morton National Wildlife Refuge
Hike through this beautiful preserve in Sag Harbor, and rest at the edge of Trout pond: “We love to sit here near the water’s edge to watch the birds and listen to the wind.”
Peter’s Pond Beach
Isolated from the masses, this Southampton beach offers a rare opportunity to relax for hours unperturbed.
Corn fields
Go to where the farmland meets the shore along Sag Pond in Saggaponak: “This is our favorite place to meditate.” says Halfpapp.

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Assisted gym workouts

(per Vincent Montaldo)
Sag Harbor Gym
For help burning off last night’s decadence, venture here: “This gym offers fantastic spin and group aerobic classes,” says Montaldo. On the waterfront at Bay St, Sag Harbor (631-725-0707).
Railroad Avenue Fitness
If you’re sick of crowds, this studio is “a great place to get personal training sessions without being in a public gym environment.” 11 Railroad Ave, East Hampton (631-907-4221).

Sports massage
(per Vincent Montaldo)

For athletes, Montaldo recommends East Hampton massage therapist Albin Polkowski, who specializes in neck and lower back pain and most massage modalities. Polkowski makes house calls, and he’ll bring his own table to homes throughout the area. (631-680-9527).

Workout gear
(per Jeffrey Thayer, owner of JT Personal Fitness)

For help choosing new cross-trainers for trailrunning, head to Gubbins Perfect Fit (54 Park Place, East Hampton 631-324-3239). Then accesorize with GPS watches from Gym Source (23 Windmill Lane, Southampton, 631-287-1223).

(per Pat Grantham, Summer Kicks)

Philip Trigiani offers acupuncture to treat an array of ailments ranging from pain to infertility and insomnia. 167 Breeze Lane, South Hampton (917-405-9145).