The Spider-Man workout

Revolution in Motion's Dr. Edythe Heus got Reeve Carney and the rest of the Spider-Man cast in shape for the show. Now you can get super fit with the Spidey workout too.



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The Dive

(1) Squat and straddle a stability ball from behind, draping your body over the ball, where your arms are hugging the ball and your bent knees grip the ball between them. Push off by straightening your legs behind you and pointing your toes. Energy goes out through your toes.

(2) Gently land on your hands.

(3) Direct the top of your forehead toward and nearly touching the floor. The body is in a diagonal line from the top of the floor to the top of the ball.

(4) Push off with your arms, rolling back into a squat, with your chin resting on the ball.

The Dive | Knees side-to-side | V-ups | Advanced scissors
Levitation | Kick back into the hurdle | Skater
BOSU jump and stick | BOSU ball lunge | BOSU jump twist | BOSU zip-ups

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