The Spider-Man workout

Revolution in Motion's Dr. Edythe Heus got Reeve Carney and the rest of the Spider-Man cast in shape for the show. Now you can get super fit with the Spidey workout too.



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Advanced scissors

(1) Position yourself on a BOSU ball with your knees on top of the ball, your wrists under your shoulders and your arms straight.

(2) Kick your left leg up to the ceiling, bending your right knee to your chest.

(3) Lower your left leg behind you, bending it as you roll onto the outside of your right hip.

(4) Kick your left leg up to the ceiling again, bringing your right knee back to the top of the ball.

(5) Lower your left leg onto the ball while straightening your right, returning to starting position. Repeat on the opposite side. Continue alternating.

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