The Spider-Man workout

Revolution in Motion's Dr. Edythe Heus got Reeve Carney and the rest of the Spider-Man cast in shape for the show. Now you can get super fit with the Spidey workout too.



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Kick back into the hurdle

(1) Attach weighted bells on your feet or ankle weights on your ankles. Lie on the floor with your heels on the top of a stability ball.

(2) Your pelvis is off the floor and stays off the floor for the entire exercise.

(3) Press your lower abs onto the front of your spine. Kick your right leg over your left, then right shoulder, returning your foot to the ball with each kick. Your left leg bends, bringing the ball toward your spine with each kick back.

(4) Repeat several times, then go into the hurdle position—pelvis titled forward, separating legs in opposite directions, then bringing them closer together. Repeat with the left leg. (Imagine when hurdlers are about to jump over the hurdle and the legs are kicked up and their pelvis is titled forward, it's like that but upside down.)

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