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Broadway shows and tickets: listings A-Z

Looking for tickets to Broadway shows? Here’s our complete list of the musicals, dramas and revivals now on the Great White Way.

Each year, about 13 million locals and tourists take in Broadway shows at the city’s 40 Broadway theaters. Not all those venues are located on Broadway or even in the theater district—roughly, 41st Street to 52nd Street and Sixth Ave to Eighth Ave. For example, Lincoln Center’s Vivian Beaumont Theater can be found a little north on 65th Street. But by and large, Broadway is home to some of the New York’s most historic, gorgeous houses. Many of these lavish jewel boxes were built around the turn of the last century, with some more contemporary ones springing up in the 1970s and ’80s.

Each Broadway season brings a new wave of megamusicals, plays and starry revivals. At the height of the fall and spring seasons, be sure to bookmark our Theater homepage and check regularly for reviews and ticket deals. Broadway tickets do not come cheap, of course. Nosebleed seats at Jersey Boys might go for $62, but premium seats at The Book of Mormon go as high as $477. The savvy consumer can find discount tickets, or you can purchase seats directly through Time Out New York. As far as getting there, check the venue information with each show below. Now hurry—the curtain’s about to rise!

Jersey Boys

Critics' pick

A star is reborn in Jersey Boys when the puppyish John Lloyd Young takes vocal wing, channeling the legendary thrills and trills of Four Seasons frontman Frankie Valli. As Young's bright falsetto rings through the air, the August Wilson Theatre becomes a rejuvenation room, transforming baby boomer women into screaming Valli girls in the throes of Young love. With Jersey Boys, the Broadway musical has finally done right by the jukebox, presenting the Four Seasons' infectiously energetic 1960s tunes as they were intended to be performed. True, the script adheres closely to the dramatic beats of a VH1 biopic: building bridges in the first act, delving into tunnels in the second. But under Des McAnuff's sleek direction, the result feels canny instead of canned. And Bob Gaudio's music, as sung by a dynamic cast and shaped by Steve Canyon Kennedy's exemplary audio design, sounds as good as it ever did (and sometimes---blasphemy!---even better). That the audience responds to the actors as though they were the Four Seasons themselves is testament to Jersey Boys' equanimity in its treatment of its lead characters, who include the affable Gaudio (Reichard) as well as the incorrigibly delinquent Tommy DeVito (Hoff) and the inscrutable Nick Massi (Spencer). As each of these men---clean-cut singers with rough-hewn pasts---tells his side of their history, it becomes clear that although Young may lead the pack, this is a ultimately a show for all Seasons.---Adam Feldman

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August Wilson Theatre , Midtown West Until Saturday December 31 2016

The Lion King

Critics' pick

Director and designer Julie Taymor takes a reactionary Disney cartoon about the natural right of kings—in which the circle of life is putted against a queeny villain and his jive-talking ghetto pals—and transforms it into a gorgeous celebration of color and movement. The movie’s Elton John–Tim Rice score is expanded with African rhythm and music, and through elegant puppetry, Taymor populates the stage with an amazing menagerie of beasts; her audacious staging expands a simple cub into the pride of Broadway, not merely a fable of heredity but a celebration of heritage.—Adam Feldman

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Minskoff Theatre , Midtown West Until Saturday December 31 2016