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Where to get naked in NYC

Check your inhibitions and clothing at the door at these nonsleazy nude events

Photograph: Tobias Batz\shantastic images
Naked Painting Party
The thought of exposing your pale winter flesh to strangers may be totally horrifying, but what better way to cultivate a positive body image than by bravely stripping down with a bunch of friendly people of all shapes and sizes? Grab a friend for moral support, and give these naked activities a try.

Become a living work of art

Sally Golan has mastered the art of the social icebreaker: At her Naked Painting Party (Mar 13; $30–$35), mingling is fueled by brushes, pigments and an hour of free cocktails. Golan emphasizes that the shindig is about having fun painting each other’s bodies, not hooking up: Voyeurism, personal photography and X-rated activity are not allowed, and behavior monitors ensure that everyone is comfortable and having a good, creep-free time. “I don’t like gawkers because it’s all about the participation,” she says. “My rule of thumb is: Drop your inhibitions, but keep your respect.” Still feeling shy? Guests are welcome to keep their underwear on—just be willing to sacrifice any garments in the name of art.

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Bend, breathe and balance

Yoga is all about using your outer self to connect with your inner self, so it’s no surprise that a number of studios are extolling the benefits of a clothes-free practice. Bold & Naked (boldnaked.com; $25), Nude York Yoga (nudeyorkyoga.com; $20), Zensual Yoga (zensuality.us; $20) and instructor Cindee Rifkin (cindeerifkin.com; $25–$30) all offer regular single-gender and unisex classes where you can challenge yourself to focus on your breath, and not the person in front of you.

Drink beer in the buff

On March 15, Young Naturists America gives you the rare chance to hang out at a bar in your birthday suit without being forcibly ejected. The group’s St. Patrick’s Day mixer takes place at an Irish pub in midtown (location disclosed with ticket purchase; youngnaturistsamerica.com; 8pm–2am; $30, members $20), complete with green body painting by Andy Golub and themed raffle prizes. Bring I.D., a bag for your clothes and a towel to sit on while you raise a few pints au naturel.

Feel the wind in your, er, hair

Taking place in dozens of cities each year, the World Naked Bike Ride is a cheeky (geddit?) protest against those pesky fossil-fuel–burning vehicles we’re all so fond of. This June will mark the sixth clothing-optional spin through NYC; follow @wnbrnyc for announcements on the date, time and place. Organizers do recommend you cover your arse (metaphorically and literally) to comply with the city’s nudity laws—and more importantly, the unspoken laws of bike-share etiquette.


Tony P
Tony P

There is no concept of "god" nor "devil" in Buddhism.  Please don't mix in your own Western religious beliefs into yoga..

Sourceof P
Sourceof P

nakedness is against yoga's nature. When you try to attain the oneness,you should become nothing and a zero. But how can you be a zero while manifesting whole body to everyone and God. when you encourge people to be naked, you are taking a very heavy responsibility to harm their souls. Please give up these practice, take a deep breath and return to original practices. Budha and Devil have no share. Nakedness is not the way of Budha sure, but Devils itself.