Siamgems Heritage

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4 out of 5 stars
Siamgems Heritage
Siamgems Heritage
Siamgems Heritage
Siamgems Heritage
Siamgems Heritage

Siamgems Heritage is not the first nor the only gem and jewelry museum in Thailand. It is, however, the first of its kind that presents precious stones through an interactive exhibition. Backed by leading jeweler Siam Gem Group, this avant-garde museum aims to educate people on the history of gemstones, jewel accessories, and those who made them in a walk-through exhibition.

Your educational journey starts from a dome theater where you learn the history of gems and jewelry from a 360-degree projection, continued with a guided walk through five rooms narrating the story of gem and jewelry in five different topics: the history of jewels (yeah, again) in the first room, types of precious stones with an exhibition of raw precious stones (from ruby and sapphire to emerald and bixbite) are put on display in the second room. The third room is dedicated to Navaratana or nine auspicious gemstones based on traditional Asian belief. A priceless tiara made with 1,946 diamonds and 24 rubies by Thai craftsmen is exhibited in the fourth room. Tthe fifth room is where you witness the jewelry-making process—how they turn drawings on paper into expensive wearable art pieces.

By: Gail Piyanan


Venue name: Siamgems Heritage
Address: 234
Siamgems Heritage
Pradit Manutham Road

Price: Tickets B200/adult, B100/child (90-135 cm), free entry for senior citizen aged 60 and over
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