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TK Park
Tanet Chantaket
TK Park
Tanet Chantaket

When Thailand Knowledge Park, or TK Park, was first introduced in 2005, Thais were still naive about the concept of a “living library,” essentially a space that combines the likes of a reading room and an activity space in order to boost creativity. A decade later, TK Park can say that it has successfully drawn Thai back into reading—in an alternative way—and has inspired the opening of similar venues in other parts of the country.

A gigantic 3,700-square-meter space is home to 140,000 books and magazines (not to mention an additional 16,000 titles in digital format) in various genres: graphic novels, comic books, children's literature, travel journals and many more. The versatile library also invites visitors to join various activities including concerts, talks and seminars. Book-lending is also available.

By: Gail Piyanan


Venue name: TK park CentralWorld
Address: 999/9
TK Park
7th floor, CentralWorld
Opening hours: Tue-Sun, 10:00-20:00
Price: B20/person/day, annual membership fees B200/adult, B100/child or student under 25 years old or senior citizen
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