Let The Girl Kill [CLOSED]

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Let the Girl Kill
Let the Girl Kill
Let the Girl Kill
Let the Girl Kill
Let the Girl Kill
Let the Girl Kill

A craft beer joint that reestablishes the credibility of Thai craft beer in Charoenkrung.

Remember Let The Boy Die, the craft beer bar in Chinatown which, unfortunately, was forced to close its doors earlier this year due to disputes with its neighbor? Some of the partners in this recently shut-down venture— those who didn’t join Let the Boy Die head man, Pieak Pipattanaphon, in legalizing local craft beer brand Golden Coins and launching Golden Coins Taproom in Ekkamai—moved their business to Charoenkrung and opened up a new bar with a similar-sounding name. This new location is more accessible: a five-minute walk from MRT Hualumphong and a few steps away from 2ndyard Sandwich and Bar. 

It comes as no surprise that Let the Girl Kill boasts interiors that evoke the same laidback ambiance as its predecessor: natural-colored wooden seating set against exposed concrete walls. The owners may have kept the decor simple, but the same principle does not translate to what’s on the taps, which spew out a number of famous craft beers as well as a lot of new names, all of which—it’s important to note—are produced and imported legally. The beer we like includes special bar brew Let the Girl Kill Nightmare black IPA (7.5%, B200), No Name pale ale (5%, B180), Warhop Sandstorm IPA (6.6%, B180) and Serious Panda hoppy Weizen (5.6%, B180). Check the chalkboard for the “brew of the day,” which regularly rotates once the keg is emptied. 

With nine taps, there’s enough variety for everyone. Fans of Belgian classics who don’t mind experimenting can try Beer Cocktail by Beerkaab, a mix of beer, vodka and juices, and the half-weizen, half-IPA The Circus. This fruity hybrid is the bar’s newest legalized bottled beer, and gives the same feeling as when you drink a weizen before the bitter notes of an IPA steps in and leaves you with a hoppy aftertaste. Simply put, it’s an inebriant any beer lover would want to try. 

Hungry tipplers may want to drop by 2ndyard first for a sandwich, although Let the Girl Kill can sustain smaller appetites with bar grub like mix grilled sausages (B280) and chicken karaage (B140).

By: Vasachol Quadri


Venue name: Let The Girl Kill [CLOSED]
Address: 747
Charoenkrung Road

Opening hours: Open Tue-Sun 18:00-24:00
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