Sofia's Room

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Sophia's Room
Sophia's Room
Sophia's Room
Sophia's Room
Sophia's Room
Sophia's Room
Sophia's Room

Ari’s hip Some Time Blue café takes on a cocktail bar alter-ego as night falls

Soi Phaholyothin 2, that complicated maze of a street teeming with townhouses and low-rise apartment buildings, may not be the ideal destination for a perfect glass of martini. Which is probably why Sofia’s Room is such an unexpected gem. Sharing the same space as drip coffee place Some Time Blue, the small bar has a low-key, rather bohemian look that should not be underestimated. This joint serves amazing gin-based classic cocktails that could easily rival those of fancier cocktail dens in the city.

The owner, Natchanon Vana, knows exactly how to execute a drink. He has no experience working behind a bar nor did he attend bartending school. Instead, the indie film director, who is also a martini aficionado, perfected the art of concocting cocktails from years of observing the action behind bars and experimenting on his own. As a result, he has honed a unique, unconventional technique in which he ditches jiggers and instead mixes perfectly measured cocktails by weighing ingredients with an electronic scale. Initially, Natchanon planned to open his bar in the old town, but ended up partnering with Sutida Srirungtham, the owner of Some Time Blue, agreeing to helm the space at night after the café closes. (And in case you’re wondering who Sophie is, he’s Sutida’s black exotic shorthair who can usually be found curled up in different corners of the café/bar.)

You won’t find an extensive array of spirits at Sofia’s Room but you will spot rare gin blends—more than enough to create a few outstanding drinks. Go for Natchanon’s take on the gin martini; his version ticks all the right boxes of how the drink should be: smooth and perfectly chilled (starts from B200). Also worth a try are the self-taught bartender’s creations like PD, a vodka-based drink with anise-flavored spirit Pastis Marseille and star anise, giving it an absinthe-like flavor (B220). For something that goes down easier, go for the silky-smooth Fei Fei, which combines gin with egg white, cranberry juice and blueberry syrup, and is topped with soda (B250).

The bar is located in the Sahamongkol Film International headquarters, hence the crowd is mostly made up of familiar faces in the film industry. It’s also worth noting that this project will only be around for a year as Natchanon is due to continue his filmmaking studies abroad by the end of 2018.

By: Phavitch Theeraphong


Venue name: Sofia's Room
Address: 55
Sahamongkol Film International
Phaholyothin Road

Opening hours: Open Mon, Wed, Fri 18:00-1:00
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