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See how cute these Bangkok's top bartenders were in their childhood

Bangkok's top bartenders celebrate the children's day by sharing with us their oh-so-cute children photos and their favorite childhood teetotal drinks.

1.) Kitibordee "Gov" Chortubtim, Backstage Cocktail Bar


Favorite childhood drink: longan juice with extra longan chunk



2.) Nont "Pae" Ketumarn, Morimoto


Favorite childhood drink: Iced sweetened milk with green Hale's Blue Boy syrup. 



3.) Krit "Joey" Parkobdee, Bronx Liquid Parlour 


Favorite childhood drink: matcha green tea latte


4.) Pailin "Milk" Sujjanit, Vesper and Il Fumo


Favorite childhood drink: iced Pepsi in plastic bag



5.) Dedsakda "Ken" Thianthong, Toro


Favorite childhood drink: iced bael fruit juice



6.) Francesco Moretti, Vogue Lounge


Favorite childhood drink: peach flavored Estathe iced tea