So you haven't been to ... Escape Break

Written by
Gail Piyanan

The third and latest branch of the real-life game hub, run by co-founders Timothy Dean Smith, Joshua and Simon Gould, landed in Bangkok after posting success in Samui and Siem Reap (Cambodia). 

The concept is simple. You and your friends are locked in a windowless room, where you are given clues to solve puzzles in order to find the way out. All within 60 minutes. 

Come in a group of two to seven people and choose your preferred adventure. There’s Relic Rush, set in an Angkor temple in Cambodia; Ghost Ship where you’re transported to the North Atlantic Ocean back in 1872; and Kowloon Captive, which brings 1975 Hong Kong back to life. More experienced players can challenge themselves in Outbreak, the advanced-level room set in Porton, the site of a government military science park in England. 

Note to managers and bosses: Escape Break is a good place to test your staff’s ability to handle difficult situations and boost teamwork.

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