Q&A with Jinnita Buddi

A quick chat with the new Miss Thailand World, a 22-year-old university student from Chiang Rai
By Gail Piyanan |

Three words to describe yourself
Happy, cheerful and a foodie.

What’s your dream?
My family has a dynamo business. So, when I graduated, I want to return home and start a garage service as well as running a coffee shop nearby. 

Favorite dessert?
Anything to do with cheese, cakes and chocolate. 

Thai or Western food?
Both, I love spicy northern Thai dish like nam prik ong and kab moo. For Western, I love anything with cheese - like pizza. 

Fashion idol?
Chompoo Araya A. Hargate. I also love watching Victoria's Secret fashion show. I like the fact that they also present their identity while striking through the catwalk.

Favorite sport?

What do you like most about Bangkok?
The BTS.

Favorite place to go in Bangkok?
Rod Fai Market

What do you like best about Chiang Rai, your hometown?
Sea mist on the mountain. I love when the weather gets cold and the university becomes a winter fashion runway. 

Why do beauty pageants need to wave their hands all the time, especially during the crowning moment?
I think it’s like saying, ‘Hey! Congratulate me!’
without saying a word. Waving is also something to do to complement the tiara. 

Favorite music genre?
Maroon 5, and K-Pop music

Film that once made you cry?
A Little Thing Called Love.

The latest book you read?
The Maze Runner and the Japanese anime called Toriko

A foreign city you wish to visit?
Venice, Italy.

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