Five minutes with... Ton Thanasit

Academy Fantasia winner and soul singer Thanasit “Ton” Jaturaput steps back into the limelight. Here, he talks life after the reality show and everyday happiness.
Ton Thanasit Jaturaput
Sereechai Puttes/Time Out Bangkok
By Sopida Rodsom |

You’re one of the lucky ones who rose to fame because of a singing competition on TV. Do you think there are now too many aspiring singers trying to go through this route?
It’s one of the fastest shortcuts into the entertainment business. But not too many people know how hard it is for an artist to release a music album. My friends from G-Junior [GMM Grammy’s rookie group] spent five to ten years training but ended up with nothing. You create shortcuts with these kinds of competition but winning a competition doesn’t always guarantee a rosy path in the business. You can be a winner, but once you set foot in the business, you have to start all over again. With all these contests, it’s easier to become a singer, but I would say it’s hard to make a living out of it as much as to maintain the fame. My next goal, after winning AF [Academy Fantasia], is to try and balance making hit songs and staying true to myself.



Do you think your nickname, “Ton AF,” is holding you back from going forward?
No, it’s actually a good thing. A lot of people believe that AF [singers] only have the look, but not the voice. I want to prove them wrong. I can [sing] and I can do it well. Being “Ton AF” will make people realize that contestants from singing competitions can actually can sing very well.


You also do theater. What do you think of the Thai theatre scene?
The Thai theater scene is returning to its glory days, with more audiences, more plays and more small, independent theaters. And I’m happy about it. For me, the beauty of a stage performance is that you can’t completely control it. Each performance is different. Some shows will be highly spirited while some won’t, and that’s the charm of it.

What makes you happy these days?
I love to travel, and people know that because I always share my photos on Instagram. But my happiness can also be simple, really, like staying home and watching TV. Happiness is not always about having a brand-new car or a gigantic house. A billion baht doesn’t guarantee happiness. 


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