Q&A with Jetset’er

The well-groomed bandmates return with a new pop-soul single, ‘Kid Teung Ter (Badly)’, that has already received more than three million views

By Gail Piyanan |

Who do you refer to as ‘Ter’ in your song?

O: Most of Jetset'er’s songs are based on true stories. I believe that with this approach, songs can touch people much more. This song was inspired by one of my own experiences. 

Why do you always wear shades and sharp suits?

O: Our band name, Jetset’er, came from the term ‘jet set’, which refers to a group of people with an enviable lifestyle and sense of taste. It would be very ironic if we wore casual clothes. There were times when we performed and it got so hot that we would need to take off our blazers, but we always kept our vests on, no matter what.
Tee: Talking about the sunglasses, they’re part of the look that we’ve been building on since our first album: the look that we think goes perfectly with our contemporary music and brass musical instruments. On the plus side, if I take off my glasses, I become a completely different person and am able to walk through a busy market without being recognized.  

‘'People come into our life for a reason, and we have to learn from.'’

Pop-soul? Why?

O: Our first album was focused on disco and acoustic. The second one was more rock. Nevertheless, both albums have shared a pop-soul [Thai pop with a touch of soul music] essence. When it came to our third studio album, we wanted to emphasize its pop-soul nature as we find it’s pretty easy to listen to and we no longer want to complicate things. This is the right balance for us.

‘Kiss’ was a hugely successful single. Do you feel pressure to replicate that?

Eddie: It’s been 12 years since we started the band and we’ve been through a lot. Actually, ‘Kiss’ wasn’t a huge mega-hit, but became well known when it was covered so much by other live acts. 
O: We don't feel any pressure. 

After more than a decade, does it ever feel clichéd releasing the same kind of music again and again?

O: Of course. I have written so many songs about romance, but I write them for our lead vocalist, Tee, whose personality is that of an ideal family man. Other kinds of songs wouldn't fit so well with his character. 

Are there other kinds of songs you want to write/perform in the future?

O: I would like to channel Rage Against The Machine’s style - deep, ironic and sarcastic – in an exploration of our country’s current situation. It has nothing to do with love. There is much more to life than just that.

The music video portrays a man who’s left in despair after losing the love of his life. If you had the chance to talk to this character, what would you say?

Moo: People come into our life for a reason, and we have to learn from them. If it happens that one day the relationship doesn’t work out, it's okay to be sad, but life goes on. You need to move onward and find the right one!
Tee: Missing someone is a good thing. Just keep all the good memories,stay positive,but don’t keep yourself on a tight leash. We can’t travel back in time, but we can always start over again. 

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