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Chef Kongwuth of Locus Native Foob Lab collaborates with 80/20 for one of a kind Northern Thai dinner

Chef Kongwuth Chaiwongkachon, the owner and chef of renowned Chiang Rai restaurant Locus Native Food Lab, joins hands with chef Napol Jantraget and chef Saki Hoshino of innovative Charoenkrung eatery 80/20 for a ten-course dinner (B3,500) that shines a spotlight on Northern Thai ingredients, until tonight (13 June) at 80/20.

Expect chef Kongwuth’s modern take on Northern fare as in saa-phuk or Northern vegetable salad featuring a compilation of Northern Thai herb paired with fish mousse, tomato jelly and pork rind; and a duck wellington wrapped with tofu skin and puff pastry, paired with pumpkin and orange sauce. The dish is inspired by Northern Thai staple chicken curry with pumpkin.

80/20’s dishes also make an appearance such as The Chill from the Southern Sea, a quadruple innovative seafood bites; and an intense herbal chicken soup featuring Nortern ginseng confit and chicken in two textures.

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The Chill from the Southern Sea
Phavitch Theeraphong



saa phuk – river fish salad, northern herb, tomato jelly and pork crackling
Phavitch Theeraphong




Duck Wellington
Phavitch Theeraohong