CINEMATHEQUE -Drive-in Theater-
CINEMATHEQUE -Drive-in Theater

Drive-in cinema is coming to Bangkok

By Phavitch Theeraphong

Social distancing makes going to movie theaters a not-so-popular option for many virus-scare cinephiles. All in the rage in cities like London, New York and Dubai, drive-in cinema as you've seen from American movies has been introduced as the solution to maintain ideal social distancing while you can still catch up with latest blockbusters.

Movie theater chain SF Cinema and state-run telecommunication company CAT Telecom are teaming up to launch a drive-thru cinematic experience from 2-5 July at Crystal Design Center (CDC). Family-friendly flick Trolls World Tour has been selected to show at the premier event of the pop-up. The audience can enjoy the film in the comfort of their seat alongside food, snacks and drinks provided by SF Cinema. Portable air-conditioner will also be provided so you don't have to start your engine at all times. 

Check out SF Cinema website for soon-to-announce showtime and ticket prices.

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